I am a certified Multi-Media Makeup and Hair Artist working in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding area. I truly enjoy meeting with all types of new people; clients, photographers, stylists, art directors, etc. I absolutely love creating unique and beautiful makeup and hair for all occasions. While I am proficient in all areas (media, commercial, video, & print) I find my passion truly lies in enhancing the beauty that already exists in each individual.

Helping each person to learn a little trick to help in their daily routine has also become part of my passion. I love seeing how a small piece of advice can change people in how they perceive themselves on a daily basis. So each application becomes an opportunity to share in some of the knowledge I have gained over the years.

Makeup and Hair Artistry has brought me to some very interesting places and allowed me to meet with some amazing people. I have traveled to New York where we won 1st place in a competition that then took us to Germany. I styled for the PGA Ryder cup in 2016, worked with some AMAZING people on the Prince Tribute concert and also helped with the fall advertising for Mainstream Boutique. This and the countless Brides and Bridesmaids I have encountered over the years are just a few of the highlights I have been afforded. I truly cannot wait to see what the future holds and the adventures that are ahead